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January 22, 2013
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Games at Sunset by Ask-Ferb-Fletcher Games at Sunset by Ask-Ferb-Fletcher
While your here, please check out/favorite/comment on my friend's AMAZING artwork! :)
Thank you so much for all your kind words and support.
- - -
Phineas thought he could beat me at some video games,
so, well, I had to let him.

The night turned out pretty well actually, I got to see a smile on his face.

Storyline? I think so!:
Phineas was sort of bummed out on his way back from his 'stroll.'
I noticed this and I thought "What does he want to do, I'll be sure to ask."
So, I walked over to him and as I approached I asked "Phineas. What do you want to do?"
Before he could reply, I added quickly "For fun in the house?"
Phineas' face went in a bit of a shuffle mood.. But then he smiled.
"I've been playing COD for a while. I bet I can beat you!" He smirked.
I thought for a moment, doesn't he know I'm the video game champion? Ahh well, all comes to an end.
We raced over onto the couch. I slid the game in and we started to play.
BANG! BANG! I simply was just keeping a wary eye on him, sighting the game only rarely.
"I've got you now!" He shouted. Phineas jumped over me and put his arms around me.
I wondered "Why?." But, I continued to only watch him.
"What! NOOO! Wait.. YES! I GOT YOU, I GOT YOU!" He jumped up and down.
"Phineas and Ferb! You better keep it down in there!" Candace yelled from her room.
I shrugged. I love to see Phineas in his good mood. I simply smiled and relaxed.
"Don't think that was it! I want to play for hours!" Phineas shouted.
Hours!? Ugh.. I picked up the controller and we were off.
It was quite a night :)

- - - -
I want to give credit to :iconambiefox: who made this.
I simply just EDITED it.
I meant no harm at all, so please, no hate?
I was searching last night for the link to this art, I was planning to make a disclaimer anyways. :)
Anyways, there was no harm intended. Please understand.
You can also find the 'original' here: [link]

I'll be sure not to do this again, people don't seem to understand. :)
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PerryFlynn-Fletcher Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  New member
Cute ♥
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awwwwwwww! so cute! :heart:
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:iconpatrickiloveyouplz: I love you!
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napo1 Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
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Oh mi god.
Dreamy-Wonder23 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Aw how adorable. The detail in the drawing is amazing.
Ask-Ferb-Fletcher Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Most credit goes to the person I mentioned under disclaimer though :)
JoeMerl Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Writer
That's nice of you, Ferb. :-)
Ask-Ferb-Fletcher Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Thank you! :D
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